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Positive Reinforcement

Nothing is more special than the bond between you and your pet!

My lessons focus on strengthening that bond while teaching your dog basic manners. My private lessons go at your own pace and focus on what your pet specifically needs! Life is more enjoyable without unwanted (and annoying) behaviors!

An internship in Hawaii gave me hands-on experience training dolphins and sea lions using positive reinforcement; the training method that increases the bond between animal and trainer which is ESSENTIAL for dogs. Most dogs are people-pleasers anyway, so clear communication and a strong relationship are most important.

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Our first training session will ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding dog training. Anyone who will be working or living with the dog (or visiting a lot), are encouraged to attend. This first session is a little different from the others as we will spend the majority of our time talking about positive reinforcement, and going over different scenarios. Any remaining time and subsequent sessions will be spent on hands-on training, and you will decide which behaviors are the most important for your family pet to learn first.



Your house, or mine; I charge separately for travel. One hour sessions via Zoom or Google Meet. You conduct your dog's training with me to guide you step by step. This is a great way to improve your bond without any fear about getting somehting wrong.


Improve behavior via Zoom! One hour sessions, and we can meet as often as you like, though most choose once a week. There’s no minimum; pay as you go. You can always schedule a “refresher” session down the road if need-be.


I currently accept cash, check, or PayPal.

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My Passion for Animals:
I was lucky enough to grow up around animals. My father grew up on a farm and he had a very soft touch with animals. We were allowed to keep almost every stray my brothers and I brought home! As I grew up, I learned about the proper care these animals needed and I wanted to share this knowledge with others. I got my BA in psychology at The Ohio State University, with a zoology minor. I volunteered at a wildlife clinic for 2 years before accepting an internship at Sea Life Park, HI. Working with dolphins and sea lions taught me about the bond between animal and trainer. You can’t force an animal to do something they don’t want to do... and you shouldn’t! It’s about them wanting to do it because they trust you and like you.

After my experience in Hawaii, I became a member of IMATA, the International Marine Animal Trainer’s Association. I accepted education positions at zoos and aquariums all over the country and brought my knowledge of positive reinforcement training with me. I even developed animal training programs for two facilities.

I had an opportunity to attempt training stingrays during SCUBA dive shows at an aquarium. I wrote a paper on the experience, and presented it at IMATA’s conference in 2009. I won second place for a trained behavior that year, and am very proud of this achievement!

After 4 years with the stingrays I decided to return home to be closer to my family. Working with dogs is extremely satisfying on both a personal and a professional level. I feel very fortunate to be able to apply all my experiences with animals to help people with their furry family members!



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